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Have you talked with TOM?
Mobile phond and its apps is can provide us almost all kind of service as we are getting rely on it. As we know, messaging apps allow us to talk to our friends through text, video and images. However, we can even talk to a virtual people or even raise a virtual pet now. my tom is such an app which allow us to raise a virtual cat named Tom in our phone or pad. Tom is very clever and it can talk to us base on how it's set. People think it's quite funny to play with such a pet,especially kids. However, some people also point out that our private information are facing the danger of being exposed because this game steal our information without authorization. Let's see how they exactly say about this app.

Those who like it:

1.Cute,funny and addicting my tom is so cute when you just start taking care of Tom.Its funny when he has to use the bathroom because music comes on and you can hear him peeing.Its Soooooo ADDICTING to play,THANK YOU SO MUCH Outfit7,i really appreciate it. : )

2.I really like the app and it is really fun and interactive. I have noticed there has been a bit of a glitch when changing clothes. Like the others have said, it would be cool if you could add a few more features.
3.I Love It It is very nice and useful for having real cats also. This game is suitable for both male and female.

Those who oppose it:

1.This is not a game. This is a toy. A toy that attempts to suck the user in with the cute factor to help you forget just how bad it is. Throw in some pointless accessories that are purchased through micro-transaction and you have a My Talking Tom.

2.Parents need to know that Talking Tom Cat is a virtual pet program. An alley cat will parrot your every word in a modulated tone. Kids will get a kick out of the altered voice, but parents might quickly reach for a bottle of aspirin. The free game is incredibly aggressive with its in-app purchase offers and runs ads at the top of the screen constantly. Those apps unlock additional actions, which include the cat passing gas.

3.Don't go on this game for your safety as the news has said someone has hacked it.According to the news it has said he or her has made the cat say questions like what's your full name or where do you live and all sorts of personal questions.The rest is true but I don't know if this is true,but apparently if you zoom into the eye you can see someone with a hood up.Plus I used to enjoy this game but since my mum has told me the news I deleted my talking tom and My talking Angela.If they stop the hacker it would be good as overall it was a great game but until further notice I would delete it or do not instal it for anyone who was looking to do it.

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